Sonic - OilEd Non-Standard Inference Component

Saga - Satisfiability Algorithm for the Guarded Fragment

Gost - GF One Minus Satisfiabilty Tester

UniMoK - Unification Modules for KEIM

CEL - A Polynomial-time Classifier for the Description Logic EL+

jcel - A Java implementation of a polynomial-time Classifier for the Description Logic EL+

Hyb - A Proof-Theoretic Subsumption Reasoner for Hybrid EL-TBoxes

OntoComP - A Protégé 4 plug-in for completing OWL ontologies

FCA lib - An open-source API and extensible library for Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) tool developers

LBLR - A Lattice-Based Labelled Reasoner

UEL - Unification Solver for the Description Logic EL

BORN - Bayesian Ontology Reasoner

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