A polynomial-time classifier for the description logic EL+ w.r.t. Hybrid TBoxes

Introduction to Hyb

Recently, hybrid EL TBoxes have been proposed in order to combine generality of cyclic definitions and general concept inclusions with non-standard inference services facilitating certain knowledge engineering tasks. These terminologies consist of a pair of a general TBox interpreted by descriptive semantics, and a (possibly) cyclic TBox interpreted by fixpoint semantics. Hyb is a subsumption reasoner w.r.t. such hybrid TBoxes, based on a polynomial proof-theoretic decision procedure.

Downloading Hyb

Using Hyb

The source file should be loaded (and preferably compiled beforehand, for the better performance) using a Common Lisp interpreter, e.g. 

(LOAD (COMPILE-FILE "filename.lisp"))

To start classification, one should call

(START "ontology_name")

To query a subsumption, one should call 

(SUBSUMES? c1 c2),

to query an equivalence, 

(EQUIVALENT? c1 c2),

and for printing the subsumptions, 

(PRINT-SUBSUMPTIONS &optional output-file).


Any questions or bug reports are truely welcome, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to novak.novakovic[at]loria.fr

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