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Prof. Dr. Martin tajmarProf. Dr. Martin tajmarProf. Dr. Martin tajmarProf. Dr. Martin tajmar

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Visitor's address: Marschnerstraße 32, 01307 Dresden / Room 117

Research Topics

  • Space Propulsion (electric- and micropropulsion, new concepts, “Breakthrough Propulsion Physics”)
  • Special focus on FEEP (Field Emission Electric Propulsion)
  • Micro energy- and converter technologies
Short CV

  • GENIUS Ideas Competition 2009 – Special Award (Innovative Energy Storage using Metal Hydrides as Fuel Cell Energy Recovery System)
  • Ritter von Ghega Award – Outstanding Innovation of the Year 2009 (1st Prize – Research Centers, Innovative Hydrogen Storage in Hollow Glass Microspheres)
  • Outstanding Paper Award – STAIF Conference 2007 (Frame Dragging of Spinning Superconductors)
  • GENIUS Ideas Competition 2007 – Award for Environmental Technologies and Renewable Energy Sources (Microsphere Hydrogen Storage System)
  • Outstanding Paper Award – STAIF Conference 2005 (Weight Measurements of Superconductors)
  • Creative Scientist of the Year Award 2004 (2nd Prize)
  • ARCAward 2001 (1st Prize Science)
  • NRC Fellowship to NASA JPL (2000, declined for position at ESA ESTEC)
  • US Air Force Window-On-Science Award (several prizes throughout 2000-2006)
  • Austrian Research Community – International Communication Award (1999)
Publications (selection)

Tajmar, M., " Evaluation of Enhanced Frame-Dragging in the Vicinity of a Rotating Niobium Superconductor, Liquid Helium and a Helium Superfluid", Superconductor Science and Technology 24, 125011 (2011)

Tajmar, M., and Scharlemann, C.A., "Development of Electric and Chemical Microthrusters", International Journal of Aerospace Engineering 2011, 361215 (2011)

Tajmar, M., Vasiljevich, I., and Grienauer, W., "High Current Liquid Metal Ion Source using Porous Tungsten Multiemitters", Ultramicroscopy 111, 1-4 (2010)

Tajmar, M., "Homopolar Artificial Gravity Generator based on Frame-Dragging", Acta Astronautica 66(9-10), 1297 (2010)

Tajmar, M., Sedmik, R., and Scharlemann, C., "Numerical Simulation of SMART-1 Hall Thruster Plasma Interactions", Journal of Propulsion and Power 46(6), 1178 (2009)
Tajmar, M., Scharlemann, C., Genovese, A., Buldrini, N., Steiger, W., and Vasiljevich, I., "Liquid-Metal Ion Source Development for Space Propulsion at ARC", Ultramicroscopy 109, 422 (2009)

Hulman, M., and Tajmar, M., "Indium Ion Emission from Nanotube Fibers", Nanotechnology 18, 495709 (2007)

Tajmar, M., "Influence of Taylor Cone Size on Droplet Generation in an Indium LMIS", Applied Physics A 81(7), 1447 (2005)

Tajmar, M., Genovese, A., and Steiger, W., "Indium FEEP Microthruster Experimental Charactization", AIAA Journal of Propulsion and Power 20(2), 211 (2004)

Tajmar, M., and de Matos, C.J., "Gravitomagnetic Field of a Rotating Superconductor and of a Rotating Superfluid", Physica C 385(4), 551 (2003)

Tajmar, M., and Genovese, A., "Experimental Validation of a Mass Efficiency Model for an Indium Liquid Metal Ion Source", Applied Physics A 76(6), 1003 (2003) (Rapid Communication)


2012 - Full Professor (W3) and Head of Space Systems Chair
Institut for Aerospace Engineering, TU Dresden, Germany
2010 – 2012 Associate Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, KAIST, Republic of Korea
2011 – 2012 Head of Aerospace Engineering, University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, Austria
2000 – 2010 Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria
  • Head of Business Unit „Space Propulsion & Advanced Concepts“ (2005 - 2010)
  • Principal Scientist (2003 - 2004)
  • Senior Scientist (2000 - 2002)
1999 – 2000 Young-Graduate-Trainee, Electric Propulsion Section, ESTEC, European Space Agency, The Netherlands
1998 – 1999 Managing Director, AUSTROSPACE (Association of Austrian Space Industries), Austria
1998 Internship, Advanced Propulsion Group, NASA JPL, USA
1999 PhD, Electrical Engineering, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
1998 MSc, Space Studies, International Space University, France
1997 MSc and BSc, Engineering Physics, Vienna University of Technology, Austria


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