14.06.2018; Vortrag

Jan Kalinowski: WW scattering: a window beyond the Standard Model.

15:00 - 16:00 Uhr
ASB, E19
Zellescher Weg 19
01069 Dresden
Jan Kalinowski [University of Warsaw]

The discovery of a Higgs Boson at CERN seemingly completed the Standard Model. However, this is just a beginning of a new era of exploring the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking. While precision measurements of Higgs couplings will provide very valuable constraints on possible paths beyond the Standard Model, other processes, like the scattering of two Vector Bosons VV->VV, where V=W,Z., are crucial to fully explore the electroweak sector of the model. 

It is possible that measurements of vector boson scattering (VBS) processes at the LHC (or LH-LHC) will reveal disagreement with Standard Model predictions, but no new particles will be observed directly. The task is then to learn as much as possible about the new physics from a VBS analysis carried within the framework of the Effective Field Theory (EFT). I will discuss issues related to the correct usage of the EFT when the WW invariant mass is not directly accessible experimentally, as in purely leptonic W decay channels. Strategies for future data analyses in case such a scenario indeed occurs will be proposed.

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