The following is some information on the PC equipment and the software installation.

All computers run 64-bit Linux Kubuntu. The following machines are available:

  • tss11/12 (i7-860, 8/16 GB, Kubuntu 10.04)
  • tss13/14 (i7-2600, 16/8 GB, Kubuntu 14.04)
  • tss15/16 (i7-2600, 16/32 GB, Kubuntu 14.04)
  • tss17-19 (i7-3770, 32 GB, Kubuntu 12.04)
  • tss20/21 (Xeon E3-1245v3, 8 GB, Kubuntu 14.04)
  • tss22/23 (i7-4790, 20 GB, Kubuntu 14.04)
  • tss91/92 (Xeon E5-2680v2, 64 GB, Kubuntu 14.04)
  • tss93/94 (Xeon E5-2687Wv3, 64 GB, Kubuntu 14.04)

Useful software

Among others, the following packages and programs are installed on the tss machines:

  • Mathematica
  • Maxima
  • Intel mkl Library, Intel Fortran Compiler
  • Lapack
  • Eclipse
  • Lyx

How to configure pine/alpine

alpine is the up-to-date 64 bit implementation of the popular pine mailer. alpine is installed on the tss machines in order to access the ZIH email accounts via IMAP, but requires a few manual configuration changes.

Start the mailer by typing "alpine"
Enter your ZIH username and password.
Then enter (S)etup, (C)onfig.
Edit your personal name if necessary.
Edit the entry for the SMTP Server by adding /user=username at the end (replace username with your ZIH login), i.e. "".
Exit the setup program by (E)xit, (Y)es. Now alpine should work properly.

Note that two folder collections are present: ZIH and LOCAL, where ZIH is physically located on the ZIH mail server whereas LOCAL represents a directory called mail in your tss home directory. You may store your message folders in either collection. For technical reasons, the folders postponed-msg and outbox are stored in the local ~/mail folder.

How to run Mathematica

Upon starting Mathematica for the first time you will be asked to register. Use "other ways to register", connect to a license server, and enter "".

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