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Review "Quantum phase transitions" (2003) (Rep Prog Phys)(arXiv)

Review "Impurity quantum phase transitions" (2005) (Phil Mag)(arXiv)

Feature "Towards a complete theory of high Tc" (2006) (Nature Physics)

Review "Fermi-liquid instabilities at magnetic QPT" (2007) (Rev Mod Phys)(arXiv)

Review "Lattice symmetry breaking in cuprate superconductors" (2009) (Adv Phys)(arXiv)

Review "Orbital-selective Mott transitions: Heavy fermions and beyond" (2010) (J. Low Temp Phys.)

Review "The Physics of Kondo Impurities in Graphene" (2013) (Rep. Prog. Phys.) (arXiv)

Review "Frustration and Quantum Criticality" (2018) (Rep. Prog. Phys.) (arXiv)

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