Incoming ERASMUS+ Students

Information for Incoming ERASMUS Students

Please apply online on the website of our International Office. Here is all the necessary information.


Lectures: current term

Lectures: archive

As a rule-of-thumb you will receive approximately 1-2 ECTS points per SWS (weekly hour) lecture or seminar.

Transcript of Records after your stay

  • incoming ERASMUS students contact their lecturer personally about participation in exams /arrangements for obtaining a 'course attendance certificate'
  • students ask  lecturer to fill in ‘course attendance certificate’ after the course is finished
  • at the end of term students hand all ‘course attendance certificates’ to (or arrange for them to be sent ):  

Prof. Dr. W. Strunz, ERASMUS Coordinator for the Department of Physics, Zellescher Weg 16, BZW, Room A106

mail address: TU Dresden, 01062 Dresden

  • your transfer of credits will then be issued
  • leave a forwarding address in case you leave Dresden early

If there are any problems please contact

Course Attendance Certificate

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