21.01.2019 - 25.01.2019; Workshop

Workshop "Anyons in Quantum Many-Body Systems"

MPI-PKS Dresden

International Workshop
21 - 25 January 2019

Topology has turned out to have a rich variety of realizations in quantum many-body systems. Key questions include understanding the physics of anyons, finding simple ways to realize anyons, and to demonstrate anyon braiding experimentally. The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts both in theory and experiment to discuss challenges and possibilities in the field.

Topics include

  • Topologically ordered phases
  • Theoretical and experimental investigations of anyons
  • Methods to create and detect anyons in experiments
  • Exactly solvable anyon models
  • Anyons in fractional quantum Hall systems
  • Anyons in ultracold atoms
  • Majorana bound states
  • Anyon-like objects in three and higher dimensions
  • Anyons in systems at nonzero temperature
  • Thermodynamics of anyons

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