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Brief description of the Faculty of Psychology

The Faculty of Psychology in the School of Science at TU Dresden considers itself to be an empirical human science with a focus on scientific experiments. Due to its attractive, diverse and clearly structured programme, as well as the interconnection between basic and applied subjects, the Faculty of Psychology is highly appealing to students. We currently receive four times as many applications to study Psychology in Dresden as there are places available. Excellent research infrastructure and internationally renowned teams also offer young scientists the best start to their careers. In order to achieve the common objective of understanding the cognitive, emotional, socio-cultural and neuronal processes that underlie human behaviour and experience, the Faculty of Psychology maintains a number of collaborations with other disciplines (e.g. neuroscience, psychiatry, genetics, occupational science, business, economics, education, IT and philosophy).


Adressen der Fakultät

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Visitor Address:

Bürogebäude Zellescher Weg (BZW), A338 Zellescher Weg 17

01069 Dresden

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Postal Address:

Technische Universität Dresden PSY

01062 Dresden

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TU Dresden, Fakultät Psychologie Helmholtzstraße 10

01069 Dresden

work Tel.
+49 351 463-35424
fax Fax
+49 351 463-37110

Opening Hours:

Das Sekretariat des Dekans der Fakultät Psychologie ist mittwochs geschlossen!