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PRISMA - Centre for Sustainability Assessment and Policy

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Centre for Sustainability Assessment and Policy

Sustainability development is an increasing subject of research at the Technical University of Dresden. Based on the vision that sustainability in various disciplines will be measured and assessed, PRISMA hopes to combine strengths and make use of synergies. The focus is on questions of an economically successful and environmentally and socially sustainable long-term development, taking spatial and temporal conditions into account with innovate, interdisciplinary developed approaches to assessment. The objects of assessment range from systems, institutions, organizations, and individuals to the products and processing of materials. Scientists and researchers from the TU Dresden work and research for PRISMA, as well as those from partner institutions from the DRESDEN-concept and other partners for sustainability assessment.

PRISMA is lead by the board (Prof. Edeltraud Günther, Prof. Jochen Schanze, Prof. Christina Dornack, Dr. Peter Saling) and supported by the Scientific Management Director (Dr. Anne-Karen Hüske).

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Dr. Anne-Karen Hüske

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