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Faculty of Education

Postal Address:

Mail: TU Dresden, Fakultät Erziehungswissenschaften
01062 Dresden

Parcels: TU Dresden, Fakultät Erziehungswissenschaften
Helmholtzstraße 10
01069 Dresden

Visitors’ address: Weberplatz 5, 01217 Dresden


The faculty of education of the TU Dresden was founded on 9 July 1993. It pursues the long-term tradition of pedagogical courses at the TU Dresden (and their predecessing institutions respectively) that go back to the middle of the 19th century. Education and reaching are created interdisciplinarily and practice-oriented and are carried out in close relation with the faculty’s research activities. The faculty of educational science is a very research-intensive institution with a strong international focus.

The faculty offers the following courses of study:

  • Bachelor course of study social education
  • Bachelor of Education, field of study vocational schools
  • Master course of study teaching degree for vocational schools
  • Master course of study Childhood Research and Education
  • Master course of study research in further education and organisational development
  • Post-graduate master course of study Vocational Education and Personnel Capacity Building

The following courses of study are sponsored also by the faculty:

  • Bachelor of Education, field of study general education schools
  • Master course of study teaching degree for secondary schools

A comprehensive overview as well as information about the courses of study is compiled in the section "study".

The faculty of education consists of the dean’s office (dean’s administration, budget, examination office, organisation of study) with two main facilities (internship office, centre for educational technology) and is organized in five institutes.

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