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The Institute of Building Construction, led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Weller, currently employs 23 staff members.

The institute teaches students of various fields in numerous lectures and seminars throughout their entire course of studies. Within the scope of the ACCESS course, the institute also offers international, English lectures.

The institute’s ongoing research covers load-bearing glass and its joints, especially glued constructions, as well as questions concerning the broad field of energy efficient building shells and related topics. These results have been collected and published in numerous dissertations and papers. The transfer of research questions and results into teaching is an incremental part of our ethic.

Beneath the roof of the Friedrich Siemens Laboratory, the gluing laboratory, the test hall, the workshop as well as the technically approved test, observation and certification office of the Institute of Building Construction are combined. The extensive equipment facilitates current research.

Our frequent attendance of national and international conferences and exhibitions promotes scientific exchanges and thereby demonstrates the transfer of research to practical scenarios. The institute hosts research specific conferences and organizes further training. Recent research results can be tracked by reference to the publications of the institute.