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The Institute of Building Construction of the Faculty of Civil Engineering has currently 25 team members.

The Institute offers courses on building construction related to both new and existing buildings as a fundamental part of the Civil Engineering curriculum. In addition, the Institute offers several courses on building envelope, glass structures, glass façades, building design and energy efficiency, sustainable design, defects on buildings and fire protection. As part of the international ACCESS course, the institute offers an English-language course on structural glass design. A strong link between studies, research and practical application is pursued by the institute. This is also included in the student projects and final theses.

Research at the Institute of Structural Engineering focuses on glass and façade structures and has defined three research groups:
- Design & Construction
- Energy Efficiency & Sustainability
- Adhesive Bonding & Laminates

Research is supported by the Friedrich-Siemens-Laboratory, where the Institute has acquired extensive testing equipment for the examination of building components, glass structures and façades under various load and environmental conditions. Special equipment for adhesive bonding, testing and analysis is available in the institute's laboratory. The laboratory is a certified test center.

The Institute is strongly represented in several national and international committees. In the context of research activities, the institute also organizes several national and international conferences and seminars, which lead to high-quality book publications.

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