Article 1

The primary objective of the European Association for Product and Process Modelling in the Building Industry (EAPPM) is to support the organisation of the European Conference on Product and Process Modelling in the Building Industry (ECPPM) that should be held regularly at two-years interval.

Article 2

Further objectives are to develop and to promote the application of Applied Computer Science and Information Technology Methods in the building construction industry.

Article 3

The members of the association should be from university, research institutes and industry. Members should help to bridge and shorten the gap between research and application. They should also foster communication between researchers, developers and practitioners and they should support and encourage the education in this field. Membership is free by inscription on the EAPPM e-mail exploder.

Article 4

The Chairman, the vice-Chairman and the steering committee will be elected for a period between the conferences. The Chairman, the vice-Chairman will be elected in the meeting of the EAPPM held during the ECPPM. The vice-Chairman will be responsible for organising the next conference.

Article 5

The steering committee should represent the membership. The steering committee members should assist the Chairman and vice-Chairman.

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