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Teaching at the Chair of Tropical and International Forestry

Lectures are hold for bachelor and master courses in Forest Science.

The Chair of Tropical and International Forestry offers a master degree in Tropical Forestry. The specialization focuses on the influence of key actors and institutions on forest outcomes around the globe.
It especially provides insights into the multi-level and multi-sector system governing forests internationally and nationally. It addresses types of actors and institutions in global and regional multi-lateralism, as well as at national, sub-national and local landscape scales. In terms of content, the specialization equips students with theoretical as well as practical knowledge of key institutions and actors in global forestry. This includes international organisations, iNGOs, transnational organisations as well as the full set of public and private actors in national forest governance settings, including their interests and power capabilities of formal and informal nature.

The specialization further introduces the multi-level and multi-sector aspects of global forests, including claims from e.g. agribusiness, mining, logging, biodiversity protection, local and tribal groups, infrastructure, and investors at different scales. It enables students to identify resulting forest-related conflicts at multiple scales, the underlying interests of key actors, as well as to develop communication strategies and tools for addressing them with the different competing actors. Elective options provide the students with the opportunity to complement the specialization with their personal preferences.

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