Photo of a woman in the lab. She sits at a table and works at the microscope. © Amac Garbe Das Bild zeigt einen Fluss in Zentralkirgistan mit seinen Flussterrassen. © L. Maerker

Our Research: practically relevant and contemporary

Even if there are no new continents to discover nowadays, there remain many subjects of research for geographers. Spatial structures and processes in the environment and society are primarily studied. The focus is on understanding the natural components and structure of the landscape as well as the spatial impact of social processes. Problem areas of human-environment relations such as climate change, environmental risks or demographic change are among the greatest challenges of social development.

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Overview of Important Topics

 Das Foto zeigt eine Frau mit weißem Laborkittel in einem Labor. In der Hand hält sie ein Glasgefäß mit einer roten Flüssigkeit, welches sie intensiv betrachtet. © Amac Garbe