Putting a digital landscape into the web

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Putting a digital landscape into the web

A recent web application offers an exploration of the “Ethno-Nature Park Uch Enmek” in the Siberian Altai by means of maps, images and models. The CESIUM Virtual Globe environment forms the basis. The application is designed to ingest archaeological documents. A video of a presentation at the 2018 FOSS4G conference on data, concepts and technical steps shaping this web application is given by our former student Mussab Abdalla, who worked on the topic in his master thesis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtXItQaoJ4E&list=PLIYGKM_wD3q4hLcP1kG5iVTZM3SAOnNmu&index=48. The application can be accessed using https://altai.geo.tu-dresden.de/uch-enmek/.

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