Fakultätsgebäude der Verkehrswissenschaften, Gerhart-Potthoff-Bau, TU Dresden © TUD/VKW Studenten an den Eisenbahngleisen am Fakultätsgebäude © TUD/VKW

About the Faculty

At the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, about 2,000 students study in engineering and economics-oriented graduate degree programmes, bachelor’s or master’s programmes as well as in cross-faculty programmes. More than 20 professors and about 250 research associates research and teach in seven departments.

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Wichtige Themen im Überblick

Friedrich List © TUD/VKW

Friedrich List - namesake of the Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Sciences

By naming the faculty after Friedrich List, homage is being paid to the work of a special man, who in his scientific and social activities already drew attention through his liberal-constitutional ideas at the beginning of the 19th century. Friedrich List's ideas about the interplay between economic growth and traffic development, for example, found practical expression in his efforts to build the first German long-distance railway between Leipzig and Dresden (1839) and his plans to develop the Austro-Hungarian railway network.
In this sense, the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences "Friedrich List" calls on every university
teacher, employee and student to think and act well beyond his or her existing boundaries. In this sense, the faculty sees itself as a motor behind international and especially European-oriented traffic science.