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Automobile Engineering at TU Dresden

The Chair of Automobile Engineering hase been led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Prokop since 2010. The head office is located in the Jante-Bau at the TU Dresden.

Since 2015, the test rigs of the Chair of Automobile Engineering have been bundled  at the Fahrzeugtechnischen Versuchszentrum (FVZ) on August-Bebel-Straße.

The teaching and research focuses on chains of effect and development methods in the system "driver-vehicle-environment".

Information about the employees of the Chair can be found on the team site.

On the equipment site you will find detailed information about our test rigs and measuring equipment.

Our latest events include, among others, the IAD-colloquia and the presentations of diploma theses, as well as specialist lectures at the Chair of Automobile Engineering.



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