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Research Project "Mobility in Cities - SrV"

The traffic survey Mobility in Cities, established in 1972 as a System of Representative Traffic Behavior Surveys (SRV), seeks to identify mobility characteristics of the urban population.

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Teilnahme bei "Mobilität in Städten – SrV 2018" 47/5000 Participa­tion in "Urban Mobility - SrV 2018"

Since January 2018, the Dresden University of Technology has been conducting the eleventh survey round of the SrV time series.

Interested municipalities, transport authorities, transport companies, and transport associations can download an information brochure here. This represents the SrV standard, explains the manifold benefits for the commissioning institutions, and describes the organizational boundary conditions of the survey.


Head of Research for Transport Demand and Mobility


Mr Dr.-Ing. Frank Ließke