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Institut für Festkörperelektron­ik

The Solid-State Electronics Laboratory (Institut für Festkörperelektronik - IFE) is one

of 12 laboratories of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at

Technische Universität Dresden. Together with the Semiconductor Technology and

Microsystems Lab and several chairs of the Circuits and Systems and the Packaging

Labs, the Solid-State Electronics Laboratory is responsible for the microelectronics

specialization in the Electrical Engineering program. Research and teaching fields of

the Institute for Solid-State Electronics are dedicated to the interaction of physics,

electronics and (microelectronics) technology in:

  • materials research, technology, and solid-state sensor operational principles,
  • application of sensors for special measurement problems, 
  • design of sensors and sensor systems including the simulation of components as well as of complex systems,
  • development of thin films and multilayer stacks for sensor applications,
  • application of ultrasound for nondestructive evaluation, medical diagnostics and
  • process measurement technology.

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