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The development in microelectronic industry during the last four decades is mainly characterized by a continuous miniaturization. Although innovation leaps could be observed consistently in semiconductor technology, changes perform steadily from a global perception. Currently the major challenge is the control of structures and processes in the nanometer range.

Beginning from the middle of the 80's, technologies used in microelectronic were used to fabricate devides, which exhibit electronic functions besides a wide range of mechanical, thermal, acoustic and optical features. This working area, known as microsystems technology, is therefore closely related to semiconductor technology. Especially applications in optoelectronic components and systems became increasingly important.

At least since the introduction of the so called equivalent scaling in micro- and nanoelectronics the importance of materials became specifically significant. The utilization of nanoelectronic materials exceeds however the area of applications in micro- and nanoelectronics.

In the IHM at the TU Dresden several departments are integrated, which work in professional and organizational fields in a close relation. Besides a shared use of resources and the multidisciplinary, work is especially affected by the thought of synergy. The scientific and technological abilities and knowledge of the IHM staff range from electrical engineering to physics and from chemistry to materials science.