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  • Rendering of  viscous fingers in fluid © Sebastian Grottel

    Sep 19, 2016

    Mitarbeiter der Professur CGV gewinnen den IEEE SciVis Contest 2016

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  • Zu sehen ist ein WebGL-Prototyp © Joachim Staib

    Sep 06, 2016

    Kurzfristig SHK für Erweiterung einer WebGL-Anwendung gesucht

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  • Jun 22, 2016

    Carl Zeiss Diplompreis für Julia Böhnke

    Julia Böhnke gewinnt mit ihrer Diplomarbeit "Visualisierung der Korrelationen von Partikeln mit multi-dimensionalen Attributen" den Carl Zeiss Diplompreis. Die Arbeit wurde an der Professur Computergraphik und Visualisierung betreut.

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Visualisierung einer Atomstruktur mit Ambient Occlusion © Sebastian Grottel

Welcome to the homepage of the Computer Graphics and Visualization (CGV) lab

The central task of Computer Graphics (CG) is the creation of images with the help of a computer. There is a loose categorization into 2D and 3D CG. The focus of the CGV lab is on 3D CG that deals with questions like how to represent and discretize a 3D scene, how to design an appealing scene, how to capture 3D data from the real world, how to interactively render complex scenes, how to simulate the propagation of light in a scene, how to build interactive systems, how to simulate nature, ...?

In Visualization one uses CG to present mostly numerical data in form of illustrative images that can be understood intuitively. Here, the central factor is the human observer. In Visualization one tries to optimize an image in a way that the observer can extract the maximum amount of information from it. One interest of the CGV lab is centred on Scientific Visualization, which applies CG and Visualization techniques to scientific data sets.




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