André Martin

André Martin received his diploma in computer science from Technische Universität Dresden in 2008. After traveling throughout the US for a couple of months, he joined the Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH) at TU Dresden. In 2010 he joined the SE group and recevied his PhD degree in 2015 from TU Dresden. Since then he continues to work as a post doctoral researcher.

Contact information

Email: first dot last at

Phone: +49 351 463-32644

Office: APB 3091

Research interests

  • Software Fault Tolerance in Event Stream Processing Systems
  • Elasticity in Event Stream Processing Systems
  • MapReduce and StreamMapReduce
  • Cloud Computing & Security

Current students

I am happy to currently supervise the following student(s):

  • Florian Schmidt (Highly-available Stream Processing - Master thesis)
  • Cong Lian (Implementation and Performance of an Advanced Asynchronous Monotonic Counter Service using Intel SGX - Master thesis)

Previous students

  • Iulian Parascan (Implementation and Performance Evaluation for a Storm/StreamMine3G Operator Wrapper - Internship)
  • Carmine Ingaldi (Implementation and performance evaluation for data encryption schemes in StreamMine3G - Internship)
  • Aamir Iqbal (Data Placement Strategies for DaaS in Micro-Cloud Environments - Master thesis)
  • Martin Lobe (Runtime Performance Analysis and Optimization for StreamMine3G - Diploma thesis) 
  • Peter Stoyanov (Implementation and Performance Evaluation of a node.js Operator Compatibility Layer for StreamMine3G - Pre-thesis)
  • Tiaraju Smaneoto (Runtime Adaptive Fault Tolerance for StreamMine3G - Internship)
  • Rodolfo Marinho (DEBS2014 challenge - Internship)
  • Sven Schubert (Design And Implementation Of An Elasticity Controller For StreamMine3G - Diploma thesis)
  • Ankur Sharma (Multi-Level-Consitency and Availability KeyValue Store based on Zookeeper - Internship)
  • Siddharth Santurkar (Apache S4 and Storm Performance Measurements - Internship)
  • Isabelly Rocha & Telles Nobrega (StreamMine3G OneClick - Deploy & Monitor ESP Applications With A Single Click - Internship)
  • Sven Schubert (Implementation And Performance Evaluation Of An Amazon S3 Compatible In-Memory Key-Value Store On Top Of StreamMine3G -Pre-thesis)
  • Paweł Skorupiński (Large-scale Elastic Data Processing in Micro-cloud Environments based on StreamMine3G - Master thesis)
  • Tobias Dietze (Design and Implementation of an Adaptive QoS Constraint Based Fault Tolerance Manager for StreamMine3G - Bachelor thesis)
  • Ildar Absalyamov (A Cassandra Based Amazon S3 Compatible Cloud Storage System - Diploma thesis)
  • Florian Weidner (Implementation And Performance Evaluation of Passive Replication For StreamMine3G - Bachelor thesis)
  • Qian Li (A Low Cost Amazon EC2 Compatible Cloud Rendering Service - Internship)


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