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The staff of the chair Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering (SE) group headed by Prof. Christof Fetzer was founded in April 2004 and funded by an endowment from the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation. The group addresses various research questions in the area of reliable and distributed systems:
* security and reliability of distributed and cloud infrastructures
* fault-tolerant computing in WANs
* cost-effective resilience
Recently, the group has conducted research on the use of Intel SGX technology to provide security solutions for cloud-based applications.

Prof Fetzer coordinated two EU H2020 projects in the context of confidential computing: SERECA ( and SecureCloud. The research focus was on the use of confidential computing in the context of clouds. This leads to a novel platform for confidential computing called SCONE.
The Systems Engineering group has participated in several other projects: EU H2020 ATMOSPHERE (Resilient Cloud Computing), EU H2020 SELIS (Logistics Domain) and EU H2020 AI-SPRINT (Combining Machine Learning and Confidential Computing). In addition, the group is currently involved in two SFBs (TR-96 and CPEC) and a Cluster of Excellence (CeTI).

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