Computer architecture I

Lecturer /contact:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. R. G. Spallek, Dr.-Ing. T. B. Preußer

Component of the following modules:

The course takes place in winter semester.

Time and place:
Please take time and place from the teaching offer catalogue of the faculty informatics.

Contents and qualification aims:  
The goal of this course is imparting knowledge about principles of computing technology. Subsequent to course Technical Principles it starts with the treatment of complex sequential circuit. Introduction in binary coding and methods of data processing makes it easier to understand the design of different computer components.  Based on the operation principles of Von Neumann computer CISC an RISC architecture features will be treated.  The course ends with Communication channels, organization of memory and interaction of individual processor components.
Table of contents:
- Introduction
- Information representation and processing
- Von Neumann architecutre
- System components of computers
- Architectural characteristics of RISC and CISC
- Memory organisation
- Communication channels
- Computer Architectures

- R.G. Spallek: Vorlesungsscript zur Lehrveranstaltung Rechnerarchitektur I
- Aufgabensammlung Rechnerarchitektur I
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Type of course:
required course

Temporal extend:
2 SWS (1 SWS = 45 minutes per week) lecture
2 SWS recitation section

Basic knowledge desired:
in particular confident handling with Boolean algebra and Boolean functions

Final achievement:
written exam after  the end of modul im sommer semester 240min
computer architecture I and II together
computer architecture I 120min

Sequel to course:
Computer Architecture II, Prof. Nagel