Historical collection of dyes

The faculty of chemistry and food chemistry administers the historical collection of dyes of the Technische Universität Dresden. This collection is one of the oldest and largest collections of its kind and contains the following samples:

  • more than 8,000 trade samples of synthetic dyes (tar colour or aniline colour) in original bottles and cans made by approx. 80 manufacturers
  • more than 500 samples of natural dyes
  • more than 800 sample books and maps
  • numerous natural and synthetic fiber materials
  • scientific works and preparations in the period from 1880 to 1980
  • furnishing of 1926 in the historical collection rooms.

Follow Prof. Dr. Horst Hartmann during the round tour through the historical collection of dyes.

Ein Rundgang durch die Historische Farbstoffsammlung © Chymiatrie Marburg: Paul Jerabek, Julian Hegemann, Andreas Authmann

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