Das Doktorandenseminar des SFB findet jede zweite Woche donnerstags 15:00 - 16:30 Uhr statt. Der Raum wird in der Rundmail bekanntgegeben. Im Anschluss gibt es die Möglichkeit die Themen bei einer Tasse Tee oder Kaffee weiter zu erörtern.


Datum Vortragende Titel des Vortrags

Chair: Heike Eisenlohr

Einführungsvorträge 3 "neuer" Doktoranden

31.01.2019 Chair: Felix Brückner  

David Luitz (MPI-PKS)

Chair: Heike Eisenlohr

28.02.2019 Chair: Yevhen Onykiienko  

Chair: Gizem Aslan Cansever


Chair: Mary Madelynn Nayga

25.04.2019 Chair: tba  
09.05.2019 Chair: Urban Seifert  
23.05.2019 Chair: tba  
06.06.2019 Chair: Shanu Dengre  


Datum Vortragende           Titel des Vortrags

Chair: Thomas Stöter (TUD/IFMP & HZDR)

Lightning talks about PhD-projects
08.02.2018 Kerstin Brankatschk Allgemeine Information zum Graduiertenkolleg, sowie zu wichtigen SFB 1143 Veranstaltungen 2018

Prof. Jan Budich (TUD/ITP)

Chair: Santanu Dey (TUD/ITP)

"Nonequilibrium Dynamics in Topological Insulators"

05.04.2018   First Symposium of the PhD-program in Correlated Magnetism

Dr. Inti Sodemann (MPI-PKS)

Chair: Urban Seifert (TUD/ITP)

"Quantum Phase Transitions in the Half Filled Landau Level"
03.05.2018 Benjamin Wolba (TUD/ITP) "Phasediagram of Chiral Antiferromagnets"

Dr. Federico Caglieris (IFW)

Chair: Johannes Schoop (IFW)

"Giant anomalous Nernst effect in Weyl Semimetals"


Tutorial -Tag des ITP: Introduction to theoretical methods in frustrated systems

1.30 - 3.00 pm - Jun.-Prof. Hong-Hao Tu (TUD/ITP) - Introduction to Matrix Product States
3.00 - 3.30 pm - Kaffeepause
3:30 - 5 pm - Dr. Lukas Janssen (TUD/ITP) - Introduction to Heisenberg - Kitaev physics in magnetic fields

Chair: Angelo Pidatella (TUD/ITP)


Wei Tang (Peking University)

Chair: Lorenzo Pastori (TUD/ITP)

"Universal entropy of conformal critical theories on a Klein bottle: a quantum Monte Carlo study"

Prof. Chris Ling

Chair: Lisa Leissner

"Modulated order in solid-state ionic conductors: a fine line between helping and hindering"
21.08.2018/ 22.08.2018 Sommerschule und 4. Klausurtagung im Parkhotel Meißen  
11.10.2018 Chair: Rodriguez Beltran  

Stephanie Matern (St. Andrews, UK)

Chair: Laura Köhler (TUD/ITP)

"Memory effects in a simple metal"
08.11.2018 Chair: Chris Koschenz (TUD/ITP)  

Oleg Petrenko (University of Warwick, UK)

Chair: Yulia Gritsenko (HZDR)

"Low-temperature in-field behavior of magnetic systems with frustrated interactions"
11.12.2018   Weihnachtsfeier


Datum Vortragende Titel des Vortrags
12.01.2017 IFW Raum D2E.32 Planung des Doktorandenseminars 2017
26.01.2017 Chair: Thomas Stöter Lightning Talks

Dr. Mathias Dörr (TUD/IFMP)

"Theory and Experiment of Magnetostriction and Thermal Expansion"
09.02.2017 Thomas Stöter "Experimental evidence of Spin Ice Behaviour in Dy2Ti2O7"

Tutorial-Tag an der TUBAF (Freiberg)

Dr. Christian Schimpf

Institut für Werkstoffwissenschaft/ Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg

Chair: Lisa Leißner + Mathis Antlauf

- Vortrag zum Thema Rietveld-Verfeinerung an Pulverdiffraktometriedaten

- Experimente und Führung durch das XRD-Labor

- Diskussion zum Thema


Dr. Tobias Meng (TUD/ITP)

Chair: Santanu Dey (TUD/ITP)

"Cutting electrons apart: a simple introduction to fractionalization"
20.04.2017 Dr. Karin Everschor-Sitte

Leiterin der Emmy Noether Forschungsgruppe “TWIST – Topological Whirls In SpinTronics” an der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Chair: Laura Köhler (TUD/ITP)

Introduction to magnetic skyrmions – topological magnetic textures”

Tutorial Day am IFW:
1.30 - 3.00 pm – Prof. van den Brink (IFW/TUD) - Kitaev materials - Iridates and RuCl3
3.20 - 4.50 pm - Paula L.-Kelley (Oakridge National Lab/ University of Tennessee) - Observation of fractionalized quasiparticles near a quantum spin liquid

5.00 - 5.20 pm - Richard Hentrich - Large field-induced gap of Kitaev-Heisenberg paramagnons in α-RuCl3
5:30 - 5.50 pm - Maximilian Geyer - Anisotropic Ru3+ magnetism in the honeycomb system α-RuCl3
6 pm - Lab Tour and BBQ

Chair: Maximilian Geyer + Richard Hentrich


Tutorial Day am IFW:
14:00 - 14:50 Prof. Matthias Vojta (TUD/IFW) – Quantum Spin Ice
15:00 - 15:45 „5 minutes talks“ about current progress of the SFB PhDs
15:50 - 16:10 Johannes Schoop - Introduction to e-beam lithographie
16:20 - 17:30 Hands on Exercises and Lab Tour
17:30 – open end BBQ at the IFW courtyard

Chair: Haijiao Hu, Johannes Schoop + Michael Vogl


Prof. Gang Cao (Boulder)

Chair: Michael Vogl

"The Challenge of Spin-Orbit-Tuned Ground States in Iridates"

Dr. Michael Nicklas (MPI-CPfS)

Chair: Sascha Albert Bräuninger + Shanu Dengre

"Pressure tuning of material properties: Study of novel unconventional phases"
August Sommerpause  
30. - 31.08.2017 Klausurtagung im Hotel Kloster Nimbschen (Grimma)  
18. - 19.09.2017 Sommerschule im Berghotel Bastei  

Prof. Riccardo Mazzarello 

RWTH Aachen

Chair: Angelo Pidatella (TUD/ITP)

"Edge magnetism in Graphene NanoRibbons intercating with Topological Insulators"

Prof. Johannes Reuther

FU Berlin

Chair: Urban Seifert (TUD/ITP)

"A functional renormalization-group approach for frustrated quantum spin-systems"
30.11.2017 Chair: Thomas Stöter (TUD/IFMP & HZDR) Lightning talks about PhD-projects
11.12.2017   Weihnachtsfeier


Datum Vortragende Titel des Vortrags

Mathis Antlauf (TUBAF/CHE)

"High pressure synthesis and preparation"


Shanu Dengre (TUD/IFMP)

"Solid State NMR: a local probe technique"

03.02.2016 Yulia Gritsenko (TUD/IFMP & HZDR)

Tutorial/Führung am HZDR (Dresden-Rossendorf)

"Ultrasound measurements".


Yang Zhang (IFW)

Thomas Stöter (TUD/IFMP & HZDR)

"Large Anomalous hall effect in non-collinear antiferromagnets"

"Magnetoelastic properties of the quantum-spin-ice candidate Yb2Ti2O7"


Maximilian Kusch (IFW)

Andrey Bolotnikov (TUD/ITP)

Talk about RIXS

"Weyl semimetals: some aspects"


Richard Hentrich (IFW)

Jorge Rehn (MPI-PKS)

"Thermal conductivity of a 2D honeycomb material"

"Coulomb Spin Liquid on the Honeycomb Lattice"

16:00 Uhr Führung durch das Buchmuseum (SLUB Dresden)


Gizem Aslan Cansever (IFW)

Yuliia Tymoshenko (TUD/IFMP)
"Sr2YIrO6 single and polycrystalline materials with Ir5+ states"

Lisa Leißner (TUBAF)

Thomas Stöter (TUD/IFMP & HZDR)

Tutorial-Tag an der TUBAF (Freiberg)

"High pressure/high temperature synthesis of iridates"

Tech-Talk: "git: 'a distributed version control system' or 'How to record the evolution of your thesis'"


Yevhen Onykiienko (TUD/IFMP)

Thomas Stöter (TUD/IFMP & HZDR)

"PANDAS library: simple data analysis"

a tutorial: "Latex for Posters"


Yuliia Tymoshenko (TUD/IFMP)

Hannes Stummer (IFW)

"Neutron scattering techniques for investigation of magnetic excitations"

"High pressure synthesis of Ba3YIr2O9"


Thomas Stöter (TUD/IFMP)

"Magnetostriction of rare earth pyrochlores"

08.06.2016 Maximilian Kusch (IFW) SQUID
22.06.2016   Arbeitsgruppentreffen
06.07.2016 Hannes Stummer (IFW) "Crystal characterization with X-rays"
20.07.2016   Arbeitsgruppentreffen
17.08.2016   Arbeitsgruppentreffen
31.08.2016 Dr. Mathias Dörr (TUD/IFMP)  
14.09.2016 Dr. Markus Schwarz (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)

Tutorial-Tag an der TUBAF (Freiberg):

Vortrag zum Thema "High Pressure Synthesis" sowie

Campus-Tour, Laborführungen und Arbeit in Kleingruppen

28.09.2016   Arbeitsgruppentreffen
12.10.2016   Arbeitsgruppentreffen
27.10.2016, 15 Uhr Prof. Matthias Vojta (TUD/ITP)

Spin Ice: Frustration, Monopoles, Phase Transitions

IFW Raum D2E.32

09.11.2016   Arbeitsgruppentreffen
24.11.2016, 15 Uhr  

Planung des Jahres 2017

IFW Raum D2E.32

07.12.2016   Arbeitsgruppentreffen mit Weihnachtsfeier


Datum Vortragende Titel des Vortrags

Thomas Stöter (TUD/IFMP & HZDR)

Erik Neuber (TUD/IAP)

"Magnetostriction measurements by Capacitance Dilatometry"

"Scanning Probe Microscopy Magnetic Structures and Topological States"


Darshan Joshi (TUD/ITP)

Sascha A. Bräuninger (TUD/IFP)

"Magnetic quantum phase transitions: Bond-operator theory and spin-wave theory"

"Nuclear probes: µSR and Mössbauer spectroscopy on frustrated Materials"

11.11.2015 Haijiao Hu (TUD/CHE)

"Synthesis of magnetic materials with strong spin-orbit coupling"


Johannes Schoop (TUD/CTD & IFW)

Michael Vogl (TUD/IFW)

"Transport measurements of microsized Single Crystals and Polycrystals"

"Synthesis of iridium-based perovskites"


Maximilian Geyer (IFW)

"Magnetic and Thermodynamic characterisation of materials by means of SQUID- and PPMS-measurement systems"

06.12.2015   Weihnachtsfeier

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