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Science is international. For this reason, thinking and acting internationally is decisive in the worldwide competition for students and scientists. We view it as our task to maintain teaching and research at the highest international level and to secure their continued development. Internationalisation as a long-term goal of our University is an integral element in all strategic documents, above all in the Institutional Strategy “The Synergetic University”, in our development plan and in our mission statement.

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TU Dresden - Connected with the World

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Internationalisa­tion at TU Dresden

Cosmopolitan University

„TU Dresden has clearly and unambiguously positioned itself towards open-mindedness and tolerance. We are grateful and proud that we at TU Dresden learn, teach, work and live together with around 5,000 international researchers and students to achieve top performances in research and teaching together. Science is international! TU Dresden thrives on interaction between foreign and German students and scientists, who are all a firm part of our university, regardless of religion and background. It was our aim, and we have succeeded, to make foreign staff and students enthusiastic about TU Dresden. Now I see it as our duty to ensure that they experience Dresden as a charming city and a great place to live. Come and join us, we look forward to seeing you here!“

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. DEng/Auckland Hans Müller-Steinhagen - Rector of the TU Dresden

TU9 against Xenophobia
"Universities are open communities based on mutual tolerance and respect. […] TU9-Universities affirm their profound commitment to these values of an open and equal society. We will continue to explicitly take a stand against any form of social marginalization and exclusion."
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Internationalisation Strategy

By the Internationalisation Strategy "TU Dresden – Connected with the World", the TU Dresden pursues its strategic goals in four fields of action:

  • The internationalisation of studying and teaching
  • The internationalisation of research
  • General conditions for the internationalisation of teaching and research
  • Improving TU Dresden’s position on the international stage

The five schools put an own school-oriented focus and their priorities in decentral strategy papers enbedded in "TU Dresden – Connected with the World“.