European Association of Product and Process Modelling in the Building Industry



The EAPPM is an organisation for institutions from academia, research and industry that promote the application of Computer Science and Information Technology Methods in the Building Industry.

Its primary objective is to support the organisation of the biennially held European Conference on Product and Process Modelling in the Building Industry (ECPPM).

The series of conferences was initiated by Prof. Raimar Scherer in 1994 as a joint initiative of several European research projects related to construction information technology. It is closely tied to the European Association of Product and Process Modelling EAPPM. ECPPM was in fact the first conference focussing on BIM, although in 1994 it was named product modelling.

The Association and the Conference traditionally provide an overview of current EU research projects, related EU conferences and a forum for the exchange of information for project participation as well as for external researchers.

Past Conferences

Below you may find a list of past ECPPM conferences.

2016 Limassol, Cyprus
2014 Vienna, Austria
2012 Reykjavik, Iceland
2010 Cork, Ireland
2008 Nice, France
2006 Valencia, Spain
2004 Istanbul, Turkey
2002 Portorož, Slovenia
2000 Lisbon, Portugal
1998 Watford, England
1994 Dresden, Germany

The next ECPPM will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark (September 12-14 , 2018)

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