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Chair of Tropical Forestry

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Chair of Tropical Forestry

The Chair of Tropical Forestry is the first academic institution in Europe, focusing on forestry in the Global South. However, objectives and contexts of the Chair have basically changed. While in the foundation period in 1930 the provision with raw materials via colonial routes was in the center, in 1960 the integration of decolonized peoples in a global socialist world order was the primary objective. Starting from 1990, the focus was on exchange of knowledge between global regions with the inclusion of cultural value systems.



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Master course: Tropical Forestry

Individual funding
Applicants have to register in the TU Dresden online-registration portal SELMA, open from 1st April.
Application deadline for the start of study in October of the same year is
- for non-EU citizens is the 31th of May, and
- for Germans and EU-citizens the 15th of July.

When applying for a DAAD scholarship, the complete application should reach Institute of International Forestry and Forest Products not later than the 30th of October one year prior to the beginning of the course.