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The Institute of Hydrobiology

The institute is the home of the Professorship Limnology (Aquatic Ecology). Teaching and Research  is organized in tight co-operation with two joint professorships of the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ).

  • The work group consists of the head of the institute (Prof. Dr. T.U. Berendonk), 3 faculty financed scientists, 2.5 positions for technicians and about 15 project-financed  employees (PhD students, postdocs, guest scientists, technicians, students jobs).
  • Our work group operates in an international environment with numerous national and international collaborations. Our research languages are Englisch and German.
  • The  Master of Sciences in Hydrobiology has its home in our institute, and we are participating in the bachelor and master courses of the Department of Hydrosciences (B.Sc. Hydrosciences, M.Sc. Hydrology, M.Sc. Water Management, M.Sc. Waste and Contaminated Sites Management)  and the Department of Biology (Ba. Sc. and M.Sc in Biology) as well as in the international masters program Hydroscience and Engineering.