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Chair of Air Transport Technology and Logistics

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Chair of Air Transport Technology and Logistics

The Chair of Air Transport Technology and Logistics at the Institute of Logistics and Aviation (IfL) of our Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences offers targeted education to students who wish to become a graduate Traffic Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) with a focus on Air Traffic Technologies. Furthermore, the first semester of the academic year 2017/18 marks the start of the new master’s programme “Air Traffic and Logistic”. Regular guests from study programmes such as Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science and Economics are welcomed as well. Our courses cover the technological foundations of aircraft, their propulsion and their operational environment. Moreover, process-oriented knowledge in the fields of Airline Management, Flight and Airport Operations, Terminal Processes, Safety and Security as well as Environmental Impact is imparted to our students. The chair is an active contributor to DFG fundamental research projects and conducts applied research in the fields of Flightpath optimisation, Process Control at airports and Safety Assessments in Air Traffic Control and Flight operations. As a member of the ASDA as well as the DLR@TU9, the chair has excellent connections to the European and national world of science.

Our team consists of graduates of various research fields and varying professional expertise. This broad composition enables us to work on a wide range of research topics while considering problems from different perspectives and discussing alternative solutions. Our ambition is to make the results of our research accessible to the professional world by participating in conferences and submitting articles to scientific journals. However, we also strive to provide cutting-edge education by including these results in our courses. We therefore also try to expand our educational offer by inviting speakers from the professional world to our lectures where possible.

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From now on, please use the adjacent e-mail address to contact us via our secretary (Ms. Angela Trusch). E-mails to the old address cannot be read and answered. Thanks.