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Referentin Strategieentwicklung und Politikkontakte


Ms Agnieszka Bawiec

Team Politikkontaktarbeit

The government-approved phase-out of brown coal power poses great challenges for the affected regions in Germany – but it also bears immense potential for forward-thinking development of these areas. In Lusatia in particular, it’s more than just a question of how to compensate for the cessation of the coal industry. In addition to the coal phase-out, the Free State of Saxony faces other challenges that we also have to keep in mind – demographic shifts, the climate crisis, the scarcity of natural resources and the increasing shortage of skilled workers.

The transition to modern, future-oriented regions can only succeed if we take advantage of technological advances and the opportunities presented by digitalization. This requires the establishment of structures and the realization of projects that would enable change for the region.

As a globally oriented yet regionally anchored top university of the 21st century, TU Dresden and our partners in commerce, society and policy are focused on shaping structural change in the region with the aim of spurring ecologically and economically sustainable development and continuing to promote the Free State of Saxony as an appealing place to live, work and study. To this end, we are pursuing a holistic approach to accommodate the complexity of this structural change:

  • We rely on top-level research and excellent transfer to bring innovation to the region.
  • We are establishing new institutions and promoting spin-off companies to create new structures and jobs.
  • Our research accompanying this structural change provides essential insights for further stages of development.
  • We counteract the shortage of skilled workers in the region through targeted educational programs and projects.
  • We place particular focus on promoting STEM subjects and work together with schools to realize this ambition.  
  • We offer tailored programs and services to promote women, especially in STEM subjects.  
  • In keeping with our commitment to society, we use projects and opportunities for communication to contribute to the public discourse and we seek to foster a welcoming culture in Saxony.

The map below provides an overview of the many forward-looking research proposals and projects being led by members of our university and which all together form the Research and Transfer Campus of TU Dresden in Lusatia. You can find completed projects in the archive.