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Chair of Adult Education / Continuing Vocational Education

The Chair

Led by Professor Dr. Sandra Bohlinger, MA, our Research Unit is committed to improving adult education, continuing vocational education, and international and comparative education. We provide timely research to enhance knowledge on education and support evidence-based public policy decisions.

The Unit’s work engages with questions of shaping and analysing processes of working, learning, teaching and policy making in adult and vocational education at national, supra-national and international levels. We aim to provide knowledge on learning and skills development over the life span and match them with changing labour market needs and societal changes.

  •  Adult Education and Vocational Education and Training
  •  International and Comparative Education
  •  Education Policy
  •  Lifelong Learning, Qualifications and Skills Development
  •  Transitions, Labour Market Participation and Participation in Lifelong Learning





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