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The Faculty introduces itself.

Providing facilities for 1600 students, the Faculty of Computer Science of the "Excellence University" TU Dresden is one of the largest educational institutions for computer science in Germany. Students can choose from 12 different courses of study and can graduate either as a Bachelor, Master, state examination, or with a Diploma - the latter proving to be a rare feature in Germany by now. This wide range of choices is complemented by international master programs and various structured PhD-programs: German Research Foundation (DFG): RTG RoSI; German Research Foundation (DFG): RTG QuantLA; Erasmus Mundus IT4BI-DC; European PhD Program EPCL.

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Topic overview

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The faculty of computer science

Today, Software Technology, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Security, Data-intense Computing and Big Data, Knowledge Extraction, Human-Computer-Interaction and Visual Computing, Formal Modeling and Analysis, as well as Machine Learning and Simulation are the main research topics of the Faculty. More than 200 current research topics, internationally highly regarded publications, and third-party funding of 8.3 million Euros (2015) give evidence of the Faculty's outstanding research.

The Faculty's six institutes with 25 professors and around 280 members of scientific and administrative staff, cover the whole spectrum of computer science, from theory to practice, from fundamental research to its application in various domains. The latest technology, teaching and learning oriented towards research and practice, internationally active professors and attractive research topics as well as international cooperation with universities and industry provide an excellent infrastructure. 250 computer workstations with comprehensive features were set up in the Faculty's new building. Special laboratories that are equipped with 3D-visualization technology, with tracking, interaction or robotics technology, as well as audio and video cutting equipment, provide facilities for the realization of ambitious projects.