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The members of the institute have their primary research focus on exploitation, processing and refining of natural materials along the entire value chain.

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Natural Materials Technology

The Chairs at the Institute of Natural Materials Technology have their main scientific focus on the exploitation, processing and refinement of natural biological materials. New findings, methods and processing techniques in the fields of chemical and biological materials conversion, including minimization of by-products, waste and energy demands as well as efficient materials recycling are coupled to the state-of-the-art in industrial sectors that utilize and process natural materials.

Sustainable bioproduction that covers all stages of product generation, and a responsible interaction with the biosphere have in common that ability for regeneration and enduring utilization are of central importance. Here, the use of effective technologies and the expansion of the instruments of classical engineering may contribute to the production of high-value products.

Reserach of overriding importance is related to the integrated exploitation and processing of biological raw materials, the development of new construction materials based on natural materials, and biotechnological and chemical materials exploration and conversion.