Up to now we have published the following papers on 3D plotting and biofabrication:


T. Ahlfeld, F.P. Schuster, Y. Förster, M. Quade, A. R. Akkineni, C. Rentsch, S. Rammelt, M. Gelinsky, A. Lode: 3D Plotted Biphasic Bone Scaffolds for Growth Factor Delivery: Biological Characterization in vitro and in vivo. 
Adv Healthcare Mater 2019 (accepted)


S. Duin, K. Schütz, T. Ahlfeld, S. Lehmann, A. Lode, B. Ludwig, M. Gelinsky: 3D Bioprinting of Functional Islets of Langerhans in an Alginate/Methylcellulose Hydrogel blend. 
Adv Healthcare Mater 2019 (accepted)


E. Hodder, S.Duin, D. Kilian, T. Ahlfeld, J. Seidel, C. Nachtigall, P. Bush, D. Covill , M. Gelinsky, A. Lode: Investigating the effect of sterilisation methods on physical properties and cytocompatibility of methyl cellulose used in combination with alginate for 3D-bioplotting of chondrocytes.
J Mater Sci Mater Med  2019, 30, 10 Full Text

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Wiley-VCH 2019, 113-144 (in press)
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Biofabrication 2019, 11, 013001 (5 pages)Full Text
36 E. Trampe, K. Koren, A. R. Akkineni, Ch. Senwitz, F. Krujatz, A. Lode, M. Gelinsky, M. Kühl: Functionalized bioink with optical sensor nanoparticles for O2 imaging in 3D bioprinted constructs.
Adv Funct Mater 2018, 28, 1804411 (11 pages) Full text
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Gels 2018, 4, 68 (14 pages) Full text

T. Ahlfeld, F. Doberenz, D. Kilian, C. Vater, P. Korn, G. Lauer, A. Lode, M. Gelinsky: Bioprinting of mineralized scaffolds utilizing multichannel plotting of a self-setting calcium phosphate cement and a cell-laden bioink.
Biofabrication 2018, 10, 045002 (14 pages) Full text

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Tissue Engin C Methods 2018, 24, 300 - 312 Full text
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Biofabrication 2017, 9, e045011 (11 pages) Full text
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Biofabrication 2017, 9, e034103 (16 Seiten) Full text
26 K. Schütz, A.-M. Placht, B. Paul, S. Brüggemeier, M. Gelinsky, A. Lode: 3D plotting of a cell-laden alginate/methylcellulose blend: towards biofabrication of tissue engineering constructs with clinically relevant dimensions.
J Tissue Eng Regen Med 2017, 11, 1574-1587 Full text
25 T. Ahlfeld, A. R. Akkineni, Y. Förster, T. Köhler, S. Knaack, M. Gelinsky, A. Lode: Design and fabrication of complex scaffolds for bone defect healing: combined 3D plotting of a calcium phosphate cement and a growth factor-loaded hydrogel.
Ann Biomed Eng 2017, 45, 224-235 (13 pages) Full text

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Biofabrication 2016, 8, 045001 (14 pages) Full text
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Biofabrication 2016, 8, 015015 (13 pages) full text 
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