One Combinatoric Problem Motivated by an FCA Web-Based Information Retrieval Prototype
Alexandre Albano, Universidade de São Paulo

FCA and Semantic Mobile Web 2.0
Gonzalo A. Aranda-Corral, Universidad de Huelva

A Small Experiment with the Intents and Pseudo-Intents of a Formal Context
Daniel Borchmann, TU Dresden

Learning Ontologies from Data
Felix Distel, TU Dresden

Generalised Formal Contexts
Jan Frebel, TU Dresden

Factorization with FCA and HCA
Cynthia Glodeanu, TU Dresden

Implicational Base of Formal Contexts with Constraints
Taufiq Hidayat, TU Dresden

Merging Ordered Sets
Christian Meschke, TU Dresden

Core – Creating Role Diagrams and More
Henri Mühle, University of Vienna

Essays on Using FCA in Information Engineering
Jonas Poelmans, K. U. Leuven

Concept Lattices Derived from Posets, or: How to Find Examples
Heiko Reppe, TU Dresden

Exploration of undeveloped democracies
Artem Revenko, TU Dresden (http://atexp.alwaysdata.net/)

Annotations and Taxonomies
Stefan Schmidt, TU Dresden


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