AAA60 - 60. Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra - 60th Workshop on General Algebra

held in Dresden, June 22 - 25, 2000

(Organized by Manfred Droste, Bernhard Ganter, Reinhard Pöschel - Institute of Algebra, TU Dresden)

Thank you for your interest in AAA60 but the workshop already took place.
Some information might be found below. Some photos are also available.

  • Abstracts and Proceedings
    The abstracts can be viewed  here:
    The AAA60 Conference Proceedings is published in "Contributions to General Algebra 13"       
    together with the Proceedings of the Summer School '99 on General Algebra and Ordered Sets,  
    which took place in Velké Karlovice from August 30 until September 4, 1999.
  • List of Participants
    (116 participants from 20 countries)
  • Conference Programme

The workshop was supported by the Saxonian Minister für Wissenschaft und Kunst

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