Multiscale problems and relaxation in nonlinear elasticity


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The workshop aims to bring together mathematicians working on problems in nonlinear elasticity that invoke different scales, e.g. homogenization, thin structures, discrete-to-continuum limits, relaxation, and related fields. It is organized by Antoine Gloria (Brussels) and Stefan Neukamm (Dresden).

Time and Venue


  • Marco Cicalese (TU Munich)
  • Sergio Conti (U Bonn)
  • Mitia Duerinckx (ULB Bruxelles)
  • Jean-Francois Babadjian (Université Paris 6)
  • Peter Bella (MIS MPI Leipzig)
  • Julian Fischer (IST Austria)
  • Gilles Francfort (Université Paris-Nord)
  • Heiner Olbermann (Universität Leipzig)
  • Matthias Ruf (ULB Bruxelles)
  • Angkana Ruland (University of Oxford)
  • Mathias Schäffner (TU Dresden)
  • Bernd Schmidt (Universität Augsburg)


  • The final  program can be found here

Conference Dinner


The number of workshop participants is limited. Therefore registration for participation is mandatory and possible till June, 21st 2017. The registration fee is 60 EUR.

For the registration please proceed as follows:

  • Send an Email to     with the following information:
    First Name, Given Name, Affiliation. Please indicate, if you would like to participate in the conference dinner on July 4 (It is included in the registration fee).
  • After you receive the confirmation of your registration, payment of the registration fee needs to be made by bank transfer to the following account:

    Account holder: Förderverein für Mathematik zu Dresden e.V.
    Credit institute and address: Bank für Kirche und Diakonie - KD-Bank in 44135 Dortmund, Germany
    Swift Code / BIC: GENODED1DKD (note that "O" here denotes the letter in the alphabet.)
    IBAN: DE65 3506 0190 1627 8500 22
    Purpose: Elasticity2017 + [YOUR LAST NAME] [YOUR FIRST NAME]

    In order to correctly process your registration, the payment must be received by June 28.


We gratefully acknowledge financial support by ERC Grant QUANTHOM, and the DFG in the context of TU Dresden's Institutional Strategy "The Synergetic University".

The workshop is supported by "Förderverein für Mathematik zu Dresden e.V."

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