Preparatory Courses for New Students

New students arrive with very different levels of knowledge. For this reason, TU Dresden offers you the chance to take part in (free) bridge courses and in preparatory courses for engineering (subject to a fee). These courses prepare you directly for your studies and are held in German.

Bridge Courses – Preparing for your Studies

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences organises bridge courses in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics for students who have completed their “Abitur” (general qualification for university entrance).

The courses prepare prospective students directly for their degree programmes in Engineering, Business and Economics, and the Natural Sciences, as well as for medical and teacher training courses. The main focus lies on repeating and consolidating knowledge of those parts of the curriculum that are required from students in their first year, but which from past experience prove most difficult to apply.

Every new student whose course involves the subjects of Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics may take part. Participation is free of charge. The times of the individual courses are largely coordinated, so that it is possible to attend more than one course. It is not necessary to register in advance.

The courses take place every year at the end of September / beginning of October.

Preparatory Course for Engineering

New students arrive at the University with very different levels of knowledge. The Preparatory Course (subject to a fee) introduces its participants to the way of thinking employed in engineering and to problem-solving strategies. It also prepares them for studying at a university, which is different from school learning. Moreover, the preparatory course allows participants to meet fellow students before the actual start of their first semester and to get in touch with important contacts at TU Dresden.