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Creating new, maintaining old

At the Institute of Concrete Structures we research on mechanical properties and behaviour of concrete and reinforced concrete of variant types, no matter if ultra-lightweight or ultra-high performance concrete, new constructions or old ones. In experimental or theoretical studies the characteristics of the material itself or of complete constructions are determined under different loading conditions, e.g. permanent, cyclic or impact loading.

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Important topics

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Research at the Institute of Concrete Structures (IMB)

For about 2,000 years concrete has been known and used as a building material. Nowadays reinforced concrete is the most used building material all over the world. Nevertheless there are still many details that need to be explored preparing concrete constructions for their usage in the future.

At the Institute of Concrete Structures of the Technische Universität Dresden the field of reinforced concrete construction is part of research and teaching for more than 100 years. Our research currently focusses on the following questions:

  • Which properties does newly developed concretes possess?
  • How does high loading velocity influence material and construction resistance?
  • What alternative materials can be used as reinforcement for cementitiousbuilding materials?
  • How does the bond between What are the properties of textile carbon compositesconcrete and reinforcement work?
  • How can oneto simulate response of structural elements via FEM or DEM?

Please find further information about our research here.