Aug 01, 2022 - Nov 25, 2022; Event Series

UNEP/UNESCO/BMUV Postgraduate Training

The postgraduate training program initiated by UNEP, UNESCO, and BMUV is implemented by CIPSEM at TU Dresden since 1977. The program's target group is young environmental specialists and leaders from developing countries, including emerging market economies. Each year, a six-month-long course with a comprehensive range of topics, as well as three several weeks lasting short courses on selective environmental topics take place.

Aug 01, 2022 - Aug 19, 2022; Continuing Education

84th UNEP/UNESCO/BMUV International Short Course - Urban Nature-Based Solutions (SC84)


Aug 29, 2022 - Sep 30, 2022; Continuing Education

85th UNEP/UNESCO/BMUV International Short Course - Sustainable Cities (SC85)


Oct 24, 2022 - Nov 25, 2022; Continuing Education

86th UNEP/UNESCO/BMUV International Short Course - Sustainability for Food Systems and Forest Products: the Role of Consumption and Production (SC86)