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Mobility in Cities

Transport and mobility are no constant variables. This applies especially to urban areas, where demographic, infrastructural, economic and many other developments are particularly closely intertwined and planning options are used differently.

Social and individual boundary conditions changing as a result of the Covid19 pandemic, confrontation with climate change and the current energy price development all have an impact on transport system and are developing with a considerable dynamic. In these turbulent times it is important to test and and if necessary readjust strategic orientations. This requires reliable information and data.

In 2023, the 12th survey round of the time series study "Mobility in Cities - SrV" is taking place. This unique time series was tailored to the needs of planning practice from the beginning - as a system of representative transport surveys (SrV). The data and results provide important indicators of the status of transport development for mobility planning and transport policy. At the same time, differentiated basic planning data are reported, which are of great importance for transport modeling.

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