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ENERDAY 2018 - Market and Sector Integration: National and European Perspectives

Messe Dresden

Europe has committed itself to ambitious climate policy targets. With the year 2020 fast approaching, it is an important juncture to conduct a preliminary evaluation of the target achievement across Europe and determine what energy policy measures and strategies
need to be taken to put Europe on track to reach the policy goals set for 2030. Against this background, this year´s ENERDAY conference is devoted to discussing the fundamental issues facing market and sector integration in Europe, including: how well are European markets integrated and which challenges are still to overcome?, what role does sector coupling play with regard to electricity systems, the integration of renewables and the targeted policy goals?, how well is the system integration of renewables working and how best can this be achieved?, what energy efficiency measures should be taken and which barriers still need to be overcome?, how can flexibility on the demand side be leveraged and which regulatory issues need to be resolved?

The 12th Conference on Energy Economics and Technology (“ENERDAY”) provides a platform for discussing the pressing issues surrounding energy systems, markets and policies, with a special focus on “system, market and sector integration from a national
and a European perspective”. Empirical analysis, fundamental modelling approaches, best practice examples and evaluations of policy and market design are of particular interest. A special emphasis is placed on intensifying dialogue on techno-economic issues and perspectives.

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