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Since 2015, Dominik Schrage is speaker of the Cultural Sociology Section within German Sociological Association (DGS), member of the board since 2005. His research focuses lie on Cultural Sociology, Sociology of Consumption and Media Sociology, especially Auditive Culture. He is currently working on the interrelation of the transformations in social structure, media technology and aesthetic forms in 20th and 21st century, combining theoretical and empirical analysis. He is engaged in Sociology of Consumption Working Group, which he founded, together with Kai-Uwe Hellmann, in 2002. His habilitation thesis on "The Availability of Things. A Historical Sociology of Consumption" (Die Verfügbarkeit der Dinge, Frankfurt/New York 2009) is also situated in this area. In his PhD thesis on "Psychological Engineering and Radiophony 1918-1932" (Psychotechnik und Radiophonie, Munich 2001), he analysed the increasing relevance of media technology for social subjectivities. His interest in auditive culture dates back to the analysis of early radio and radio drama in the 1920s pursued in the PhD thesis.

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