Apr 08, 2019 - Apr 29, 2019; Event Series

Value and Truth – Musings about good Science.

Disciplinary concepts of science are presented and discussed with an interdisciplinary audience. To what degree can the value of science be measured by its potential for practical application? Which information can be drawn from user studies and which cannot? Does a significant result mean that something is true? The doctoral researchers learn to see the potential and limitations of scientific practices and value systems, and use this understanding with respect to their own work.

This lecture series is part of the qualification program of the Research Training Group “Conducive design of cyber-physical production systems”. The RTG’s main goal is to contribute scientific insights on how the conducive design of CPPS influences competencies, health and trust of human operators. Three thematic clusters will be in the focus of interest: adaptation strategies for changeability, the development and maintenance of competencies, and the assessment and evaluation of human states.

Apr 08, 2019; Talk

Veracity & Value: The sometimes forgotten Dimensions of Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence in Process Industries

Chair of Process Control Systems, TU-Dresden
Speaker(s) Prof.Leon Urbas
Start and end time 04:40 PM - 06:10 PM
Location BZW A307

Apr 29, 2019; Talk

Von Normen und Regeln" ("About norms and rules")

GLS TU-Dresden
Speaker(s) Prof. Alexander Lasch
Start and end time 04:40 PM - 06:10 PM
Location HSZ/201/H