The main objective of the Federal Cluster of Excellence “MERGE” is the fusion of fundamental technologies suitable for the resource-efficient mass-production of lightweight structures with a high-performance and functional density. Manufacturing processes that are currently discrete for different groups of materials such as metals, plastics or textiles have to be merged through fusion and interlinking. The use of the joint resource potential of merged technologies and lightweight structures is pursuing a long-term strategy of bivalent resource efficiency (BRE).

In accordance with the BRE strategy, the focus of “MERGE” will be on near-series textile, plastic and metal processing techniques as well as the integration of micro- and nanoelectronics systems, technologies for interface engineering and the corresponding modeling and simulation methods.


  • The one and only Federal Cluster of Excellence in the field of lightweight structures
  • More than 20 institutes, 25 principal investigators and 13 participating researchers
  • About 100 scientific, technical and administrative staff
  • MTC Lightweight Structures e.V. for industrial partners
  • New PhD Program MERGE Technologies
  • Funding period: 1st November 2012 - 31st October 2017

Prof. Dr. Stefan Spange
Tel: (0371) 531 - 31714 / -21000

Dipl.-Ing. Carolin Siegel
Dipl.-Ing. Beate Buchelt

Finanzierung: Cluster of Excellence MERGE DFG  (11/12 – 10/17)

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