15.06.2017; Vortrag

Giora Mikenberg: Particle Detectors and their use in the Largest Microscope in the World

Institutsseminar; PDF of the talk
15:00 - 16:00 Uhr
Andreas-Schubert-Bau ASB/E19
Zellescher Weg 19
D-01069 Dresden
Prof. Dr. Giora Mikenberg (Weizmann Inst., Rehovot)

A short recount on the structure of matter and its forces will be followed by an explanation on how particles interact with matter.

A particular emphasis will be given to gaseous detectors, as a way to detect the passage of charged particles, the properties of the detectors, the pitfalls in their construction and their future use. 

The presentation will be followed by a few examples of how large scientific projects (CERN being a good example) allow scientist from different cultures to work together for a common purpose.

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